A new recruit

Hi I’m Carl and I joined the team as an Enterprise Architect at the beginning of February, i usually blog here about the work I am involved in in raising awareness and encouraging others to participate and try social media and social networking within Devon County Council. I will now also be blogging here on Enterprise Architecture issues and opportunities.

Within the last 13 days I have been asked what I do an abnormal amount of time and when i reply “Enterprise Architect” most peoples faces go blank or they say something  “Oh, you’re in IT then, that is interesting, – pause – what exactly do you do then” generally followed by a smile so not to cause embarrassment.  I always reply first with “it is about business change and transformation, its not about IT” and follow that up with pictures and scenarios as i find this is the easiest way to get the basic message across as to what the role is there to do.

Essentially as a core requirement, for me it is about conversations and listening to where the business wants to go and then working with others, either in ICT, Strategic Intelligence or Business Transformation to enable and facilitate that change. Easy to say, harder to actually do, but as a team we all want to make a difference and from what I have seen the team have made some significant steps forward.

As a fan of social media and web 2.0, i have found the “2.0” appearing after many professions or activities lately and Enterprise Architecture appears to be no different as this site demonstrates. In the “Call for Chapters” section it highlights a number of proposed topics that the next generation of Enterprise Architecture will support, some of which we have here in Devon.

In the meantime, i still need to get to grips with EA 1.0 in Devon County Council.


About Carl Haggerty
All things digital - content, strategy, communications, innovation, engagement, participation, data and people.

One Response to A new recruit

  1. Rob Gray says:

    Hey Carl great stuff – although I don’t think that “Enterprise Architect” really sums up all that you actually contribute to the team. “enterprise architect” creates an image in my mind of someone standing in a room with a massive whiteboard, drawing SOA diagrams and XML schemas and other stuff that I don’t understand.

    I think of you more as a “Business Transformation Catalyst”…. someone who has a vision for how things could be, no matter how big or bold the goal, and the drive to make it happen!

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