We are doing a lot of work at the moment around communication.

We have  done some excellent work over the last year – the trouble is that not a lot of people know what we have done! We need to get much smarter about communicating our efforts and making sure the value of our work is appreciated by a much wider audience. We are in the process of producing a brochure based around EA Services.

We have used the Gartner defined services of Consultancy, Research, Education, Assurance and Modelling. The observant amongst you will note that the initals spell ‘cream’ – which means we become the cream of Devon! Having done a bit of explaining around those headings, we have given a few examples of the work we have done so far. The intention is to have case studies around those to provide a more in depth view of our work.

We have a great communications plan and stakeholder analysis, we now need to put that into action.

As we enter the new financial year, with all the budget constraints that will bring, it is vital that we are seen as an important partner in the business who can help make the organisation better, leaner and more efficient.


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