Happy 2011!

A person reflection and wish-list!

They say the only thing that stays the same in Local Government is change, and they are not wrong. Yet again we face a reorganisation between New Year and the new Financial Year, and yet again it is all about saving money. We all understand the current financial climate, but if I had three wishes for this year, my first would be that we don’t change things just for the sake of changing things.

Let’s do things strategically.

What do we want the organisation to look like in five years time? No – not tomorrow, or April, or even this time next year – we need to be much more focussed on the long term. Why? Well – if we don’t we will just end up doing more of the same old salami slicing of services and end up doing nothing really well.

Once we understand what we want in the long term we can start building towards it. Until then we should do nothing.

My second wish for 2011 is that we use the immense skills that we have in the organisation. Just because you have a specific job title, or work in a particular area does not mean you shouldn’t be involved in helping in other areas or on other projects. Everyone should be recognised as working for the Council first, and our individual managers second.

My final wish for 2011 is that we achieve as much as we did in 2010 and a bit more!

Stay happy and healthy.


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