Happy New Year!

With 2009 now upon us I felt obliged to write something here! I am not one for resolutions, but I do firmly believe in setting goals.

As an NLP believer I can honestly say that without setting personal goals I would not have achieved anything like the amount I have. I am truly grateful to Newcastle College for allowing me to study as a Life Coach. I can’t say that I have managed to help anyone else, but it has certainly helped me. If you think that I am going on to write a list of all the stuff I hope to achieve in 2009 here – you are wrong! That’s for me to know and you to discover as we go through the year.

2009 is going to be an interesting year for us at Devon County Council. We will spend the first 3 months planning for something that may not happen. At the end of March, we will get the Government verdict on the Local Government Review. Will we be one big Unitary Devon, two smaller Unitaries, or will we stay as we are? Who knows, but what ever the outcome, there is plenty to keep us busy.

The first thing we are looking forward to is a hosted Sharepoint site for the LGR planning. We hope to work that hard to discover all that we have been missing! It will really help us plan our own installation which will hopefully come later in 2009. Then we have a trial of blueKiwi – that should be fun! We seem to have gone from zero to 100mph on the old “social media” front – but I’ll leave those musings to Carl – he is the expert!

So, a busy and exciting year ahead for all of us. Happy New Year to all of you – and here’s to bigger, bolder and brighter things this year!