Just wondering

What are we?

We are Enterprise Architects, thinkers, dreamers, intelligence gatherers, visionaries, police, communicators, persuaders, presenters, sharers, writers, budget planners, strategists, principled … Is there any wonder we find it hard to explain who we are and what we do! 🙂


Communicate, communicate, communicate

That’s the message we are getting about EA in general – we need to communicate better! To that end, we have spent two days together this week looking at all things “communication”.

It’s been a good two days, we have worked on who we are, what we are, stakeholders and key messages – we even have a new tag line – as shown above. I hope you like it!

Trying to put all we have talked about into practice is going to be a challenge for all of us, but we like a challenge!

Making a Difference

In January the Enterprise Architects Team will be a year old and after a few fire-fighting decisions made this week, I am starting to reflect on what difference we have actually made to the organisation.

It has been an interesting time, moving from having to look up the definition of Enterprise Architecture, to living and breathing it. The team have jelled really well (my opinion – I guess the others will have to give theirs), and we have learned an enormous amount. We have a really clear idea about what the business wants from ICT in order for them to move forward, and we even have some principles in place for decision making. Communication is coming on, and we are starting to get the message across. All great progress.

What is proving really hard is actually changing anything. All I seem to do at the moment is provide the spanner that gets firmly planted in the works. Moving from what we do now (and have done since 1845 if you listen to some people), to what we should do, is hard. We have “pie in the sky” ideas, all firmly planted in reality – they are what the business wants, but we can’t seem to deliver because the day job gets in the way. Sometimes I wish I could stop the world turning, just for a week, catch up and start again.

I suppose what we are facing is an inevitable consequence of having a team of people going out and actually asking people what they want – fatal! :O)

I am now looking at this whole programme as turning around the archetypal tanker, it is going to take a long time. We are going to have to keep plugging away with the communication, and adding our 5p’s worth at each and every opportunity that comes our way. We are changing now from our “discovery” phase into a patient dripping tap phase.

I think we will need determination and patience – we can do that – no problem. We can do it because we have a real clear vision. We know where we need to go.