Our first post. We have some catching up to do!

The team of six Enterprise Architects was officially set up in March 2008 to realise the ICT strategy in Devon County Council. Our main remit is to work closely with the business to discover their future plans and visions to enable us to build a “future state architecture”. If you have done Managing Successful Programmes you will be familiar with the concept of a blueprint – that’s what we are aiming for – a blueprint of the technology, business and information needs of the County Council. Once we have that picture we can start the gap analysis – how do we get from where we are now, to where we want to be in the future.

Can you see the inherant difficulty in that? That future state will constantly move. Things change. Change is what we do.

So, we need to start small and build a comprehensive picture that will be easy to maintain and update as those things change. It is a challenge, but one that we are all enthusiastic about taking. We look forward to taking you with us too.